Are Trump and Brexit dangerous signs of our time?

I did expect Trump would win. I have won bets to prove it, but I didn't hope for it. All the way I've also said that I do not think the US political system will allow him to do much harm.

I did criticize the brexit movement in the UK for stupidity and irresponsible and dangerously stupid leaders, but have said that the result will be a stronger EU and probably not result in any big harm.

I have a concern for the development in Hungary, Poland and deeply so in regards of Putin and Erdogan, but so far I've thought they do most harm in their own countries and will have limited opportunities to harm the free democracies in the world.

Then I read this article in Huffington Post.

With the risk of being looked at as hysterical, mad, or a fool I found it highly relevant. We might live in more interesting times than I find comfortable to think. We should at least try not to be naive, and be ready and willing to go into the political discussion without the so called political correctness and with the reality of things in mind. I'm convinced neo-liberalism is not the answer, it could even be a road that lead to worse scenarios than we dare to speak of.


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