Order demo release

It has taken us some time to release anything from Order. The reason is mostly connected to the all too early departure of our good friend and bass player Rene Jansen.As you may allready know he got sick with cancer the summer of 2014 and our last concert was performed without bass at his funural before we entered Yule the same year.

It was to become summer here in Norway before we decided it was time to look for a new member. We didn't want just anybody. Order is a very personal project for us all, so it had to be someone that  we respected of course and who stood his own ground. There was one on top of the list,  Stu Manx (former Gluecifer), and his immidiate positive response was really great for us. The following autumn we startet "the project" up again and are releasing the frist demo in connection to a series of a few concerts in Norway this spring.

You can pre-order the demo tape "Folly grandeur" allready and of course we now have our first merch available for sale. Both items are released in limited editions.

Here's a taste of the demo:



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