Facebook censorship is a problem

Facebook and other American global internet services are putting a dark veil covering truth and normal life imposing American moral censorship on us users.

In Norway Facebook's censorship is being exposed these days. I suspect no-one outside Norway who doesn't hold a special interest in Norwegian affairs have seen it. But here it is. All the debate is in Norwegian but look at the picture and you understand what it's all about. Facebook do not want this iconic and important picture on their platform because it shows a naked female..... now, you need to be pretty perverted if you sexualize this image, in my opinion, but obviously this is how things are - in the public USA. 

In my opinion this is Facebook representing the moral thinking we have seen in the US for many years, frontiered by religious people who want censorship on absolutely everything that involves female nudity. It could be knee falling to pressure, but since Facebook is so dominant in the world they have the power to take their own stand in this matter and be sensible. They don't.

This picture is iconic. By censoring the picture away from their platform Facebook is erasing parts of important American, Vietnamese and world history. It's a shame.

Note: It's voluntary to be on Facebook. I know. But Facebook is by all standards dominant in the world media landscape these days. That's why I worry.

Here's a couple of articles from the debate ;

http://www.nettavisen.no/mener/verden-slik-facebook-nsker-du-skal-se-den/3423259993.html (in Norwegian).
http://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kommentar/Kjare-Mark-Jeg-skriver-for-a-fortelle-at-jeg-ikke-vil-etterkomme-kravet-om-a-fjerne-dette-bildet-604142b.html (in Norwegian).


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