Folly Grandeur

Rene is hospitalized these days, but we keep on working with the Order project while we await his recovery.

Here is a taste of some of the lyrics Billy has come up with. He still has his pen in order - I love working with these guys!

Folly Grandeur

The fall netherward.
Mankind’s fait accompli.
Deluded by choice - deaf to the voice
of reason. The great tragedy.

    It’s sickening
    Suffocation in vain
    Folly grandeur

Illuminism polluted
The ‘Common’, the Petty, the Worthless
The smaller the mind - the bigger the shrine
he builds to his own fucking mess.

Dogmata deliverance
The means for full extrication
Are lost in the mist - as Man still exist
in Abraham’s dead congregation.

How many centuries must one actually count
before Man can smell the decay from the
Fool of Mount Moriah’s corpse?


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