Why do people elect the obviously unfit?

Less than a week to go now. I fear that Fox news and the US Republican party might finally succeed in their effort to make truth a question of faith and political debate strictly a competition of who can say the most outragous things with the loudest voice. In Trump they've now got what they've been asking for the last 30 years.

I fear the Americans are about to join the crowd of stupid voters in the world who elect crazy people to be their representatives.

If elected Trump will join the flock of political leaders like Park Geun-hye, Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Boris Johnson (yes I know, not a PM but he led the people astray with lies and crazy talk in the brexit process), Jacob Zuma and their like. The democratic world isn't free from crazy people with support in the public - even if they're obviously unfit for the position they've given. In the cave of the obvious crazy we can add a few religious deluted elected leaders. And of course we have plenty of dictators there aswell, but in their case the people they surpress usually are not to blame. 

Humanity ....


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