The sinking of the Titanic

I do not know Gavin Bryars' work very well, but two albums has been in my head for many, many years. Recorded some time just after my own birth in the late 1968  I do not know exactly when I encountered the recordings for the first time, but I believe it must have been sometime the early 80'ies when I really dug into the musical universes of musicians like Tom Waits and Brian Eno.

One of the recordings has the title "The sinking of the Titanic". It is a monumental piece of music, and I recommend it to anyone who are interested in experimental and ambient works. I play it quite often, still. The other one is a collaborative production with Tom Waits and Michael Riesman, and yes this is the one of the two albums I remember listening to first. It is called "Jesus' blood never failed me yet". (Yes - horrible lyrics I know... ) according to Wikipedia it is "..formed on a loop of an unknown homeless man singing a brief stanza" and it is an arrangement of a composition of an unknown composer.  I can put on this record and just disappear for an hour. You should  try it som time :-)


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