Life and everything - about blogging

I have decided to blog. I know it is somewhat childish, but I like having an opinion and to express it now and then. Too often, some might say, of course, but I have always enjoyed a conversation and the ongoing debate - being a part of it aswell.

I have been blogging before and just sort of stopped.  I think the reason for the former blog's end was that I found it hard to blog about the same theme all the time. I have opinions about everything, but my interest in a single topic or theme might dry out from time to time. I have decided to blog again, but this time I will rant about life, the universe and everything. Not only about music or politics, but also about everything and anything. (Yes, I do love Douglas Adam's books, and deeply miss new ones coming to the bookstores. He is one of the brilliant people that died too early).
I walk, therefore I think

I do think it is important to have a voice, and to express your thoughts and opinion in public. I certainly do not need a blog for that, but it helps, right? It helps to put thoughts down into writing. You have to kind of rethink them, and confront yourself with them. Even more so when you have published them. There is not much you can do to stop it from spreading after that, and it is almost impossible to erase.

In the old world (let's call it that) you could publish your thoughts all over the place, and still not getting recognized by anyone, let alone being remembered for anything unless someone with a skill managed to dig up old newspapers and books. However, in this new world you must really struggle if you do not want distribution to every bit and byte storage device on the planet. I like that by the way, but I surely can see the implications it can have.

In my younger years (I am turning 46 in November) I also had strong opinions about everything. I admit that I am glad not everything I said when I was 18 where published in a blog. Not that there is nothing to find from my younger years, but mostly that is interviews from fanzines and early internet magazines where I talk about music. If I had put down all my certainty in a blog from the 80-ies, I would probably be embarrassed today. Nevertheless, it has always been like that – right? …in human history? You are certain of yourself when you are young, but as the years go by you gain enough experience to know that things are a bit more complex than you thought. Black and white are rare colors, it is always a shade somewhere in between.

Someone once said that if you are not revolutionary when you are young, you lack a heart. If you are not conservative when you are old, you lack a brain. There is truth in that I believe. I am sure that I will write things down in this blog that will embarrass me when I read it when I’m 90. I certainly hope so.


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